Hughes 300

The Hughes 300 – or Schweizer 300 and Hughes 269 – is the perfect helicopter for flight training, trial flights and for passenger flights up to 2 passengers.

It is a very simple constructed helicopter and easy to control with good-natured handling characteristics.

It has very low operational costs per hour and therefor is ideally used for film and photo flights.

We use this helicopter for night operations too!

Hughes 300


Technical details:

4 cylinder piston engine
Lycoming HIO-360-DIA with injection

Power: 190 bhp
Fuel: OZ 100/130
fuel consumption: 45 l/h
Rotor diameter: 8,18 m
Lenght over all: 9,42 m
Height over all: 2,67 m
Empty weight: max. 476 kg
max. take off weight: 930 kg
Endurance: up to 4 hours with standard tanks
Max. speed: 175 kph
Max. travelling speed: max. 152 kph
Max. operational altitude: 4450 m
Range: ca. 500 km
Max. hovering altitude: OGE 822 m, IGE 1828 m


PDF Hughes 300 – Technisches Datenblatt

Hughes 300 - Sideview

Hughes 300 - Topview