Airbus AS350 B3

The Ecureuil is a single engine transport helicopter which enjoys great popularity world wide. It has a 847 bhp turbine and holds the world record for the greatest altitude ever reached by a helicopter!

Up to 5 passengers can take a seat in this helicopter.


Operating range:

  • Material handling
  • Passenger transport
  • VIP transfer
  • Assembly flights
  • Heliskiing
  • Film and photo flights
  • Fire fighting


Technical details:

Turbine: Arriel 2B
Power: 847 PS
fuel consumption: 190 l/h
rotor diameter: 10,69 m
empty weight: 1280 kg
Max. take-off weight: 1200 kg
Max. endurance: 2h50min
Max. travelling speed: 225 kph
Max. operational altitude: 7000 m
Range: 600 km