FI (H)

The Facts:


Every pilot is taught individually – adapted to her/his needs!


The theory includes 125 hours and consits of two major sections:

  • 25 classes Teaching and Learning
  • 100 classes theoretical lessons including progress checks


You will have to absolve 30 flight hours consisting of dual control time (from the flight instructors seat!), night flights and 5 hours instrument training in our flight simulator!


  • Age of 18
  • Medical I
  • to start with your training you need to have 250 hours of flight experience which must include:
    • at least 100 hours as PIC if you have a CPL(H) or
    • at least 200 hours as PIC if you have a PPL(H) and you need to proof that you are familiar with the theoretical matter of a CPL licence.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us!