ATPL(H) Modular

The ATPL (H) training constantly gains importance in the widespread field of commercial helicopter operations. Obtaining an Airline Transport Pilot License is the cutting edge advantage for young commercial pilots positioning themselves in the international job market.

The ATPL (H) is required to fly helicopters which need two pilots or transport more than 9 passengers. The modular training approach we offer is a theoretical training directly focusing on obtaining the license within the shortest lead time possible, reducing the overall cost.



  • Medical Fitness Class 1
  • Valid PPL (H) or CPL (H). License
  • Knowledge in mathematics and physics
  • A minimum age of 21

Theoretical training:

  • Navigation
  • Operations Procedures
  • General Avionics
    • Airframe / Systems / Engine
    • Instruments / Electronics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Meteorology
  • Law and Legal Regulations
  • Performance and Scheduling
    • Weight and Balance
    • Flight Performance
    • Planning and Supervision
  • Human Performance and Limitations
  • VFR Communications
    • VFR Radio
    • IFR Radio

Duration of training strongly depends on your personal commitment in time and effort. Still, to consider a time frame of 12 months is a good yardstick. You can learn via web-based training and attend our course online. So you only need to come to Austria to take your exams!

The total costs for the ATPL (H) training are calculated from the course fee, web based training and books.

We will be pleased to provide you with an offer shaped to your personal needs.

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